Qualifier Registration is right around the corner and I want to walk you all through the process we will be using this year. In many ways nothing has changed from previous years, and in a few ways we have made some slight changes.
  • We are using eventbrite.com this year. If you registered for a kickoff event last month, then you are familiar with this. Each qualifier will have a different event page, so you will need to register at both events separetly. 
  • When registration opens, you will only be able to register for ONE event.  Your second event registration will happen a few days later. This is being done to smooth out the registration demand, and let us see which events are most popular, and which ones may need more space opened up.
Things NOT changing:
  • After you register the SWOSU business office will mail you an invoice for $250 same as last year.
  • Every team pays $250, this covers 2 qualifiers, unlimited scrimmages, and the regional championship if your team earns an invite.
  • Maximum 2 qualifiers
  • To compete you need to have your FIRST registration paid, your Oklahoma registration paid, and your coach screening process complete.  If these are not all done by the time of the event, you can not participate.
Timeline for Registration:
  1. October 3rd, at Noon, all Oklahoma region teams will be able to register for a SINGLE qualifier.
  2. October 4th, we will make adjustments to event spots if necessary, and if room allows.
  3. October 5th, at Noon, all Oklahoma region teams will be able to register for a SECOND qualifier.
  4. October 6th, at Noon, teams from all regions will be able to register for BOTH qualifier spots.
Registration links will be added to the event pages at oklahomaftc.com/events

Scrimmage Only Information:  We will be having, what looks like 5-6 scrimmages this year. 3 around Tulsa, and 3 around OKC. Scrimmages are 100% free to attend. There is no judging, no awards, no advancement. Just a chance to test your robot and drivers against other teams, and have fun while doing it. While there is no limit to the amount of scrimmages you can attend, certain events may have limits to how many teams they can invite due to space limitations. I encourage every team to get involved, while also understanding that you may not be able to attend every single scrimmage to allow other teams a chance to participate too.